October 14, 2016

How to wash your performance apparel properly

Wash, dry, blow-dry, please. Proper care of your performance apparel means longer use in return.


No more performance duds splattered with mud stains. Just toss into the washing machine, add powder detergent, select warm (40 degrees Celsius), and off you go, right? Arrgh! Perhaps this is a familiar scenario when your good sports gear, which was worth every shiny cent you paid, wanders into the washing machine without thinking. After that, the water- and windproofness of the pricy piece doesn’t seem to work right anymore, and it gets wet all over. Wind, rain, snow, dirt and sweat gnaw away at fabric over time if you don’t pay attention to proper product care. Essentially, what holds true: Take a look at the manufacturer’s label to follow the care instructions there.

Steps for proper care in a nutshell

How to best wash, dry and restore the waterproofness of GORE-TEX® apparel is summarized in this short video:

Care of bike pads and cycling tights, shorts or pants

Bike pads today are fortunately not made from leather anymore. That makes the care of cycling tights, shorts or pants really quite simple. If your cycling bottoms don’t end up in the washing machine after every ride, then at least rinse the bike pad with water and let it dry. That keeps bacteria from setting up housekeeping there. Turned inside out, cycling bottoms can be machine washed on a delicates cycle with liquid detergent without bleach. If there are other pieces in the same cycle, simply use a mesh laundry bag for your fine piece.

There’s even more to proper care!

Proper care of your performance apparel is super important. That’s why we put together a three-part series on the proper care of GORE-TEX® products.

OUTDOOR FABRIC CARE GUIDE, Part 1: Out with spots and stains!
How to properly care for your GORE-TEX® jackets and pants.

Link: http://inspiration.goreapparel.com/gore-tex-fabric-care-guide-part-1/

OUTDOOR FABRIC CARE GUIDE, Part 2: Onward and forward with more protection!
Correctly restoring waterproofness in jackets and pants.


OUTDOOR FABRIC CARE GUIDE, Part 3: How to take care of your GORE-TEX® gloves and footwear
Gloves and footwear need a little TLC now and then too.

Link: http://inspiration.goreapparel.com/gore-tex-fabric-care-guide-part-3/

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