December 22, 2016

Strava: Join our new GORE BIKE WEAR® club

We love to communicate directly with our fans via facebook or Instagram. But there is something way more specific for cyclists: the GORE BIKE WEAR® club on STRAVA, a social network for active people. Be part of it!

The focus on STRAVA is not on posting cool pictures like on instagram or on capturing a moment like on facebook. It’s about sharing activities. You can track your ride, your run or whatever with the app and upload it on STRAVA. You can see, like and comment the activities of friends and people you follow. It’s not about sharing anything, it’s about sharing what we all love. Our sports activities.


Introducing: STRAVA Segments

Of course sports is also about competition. Being faster than your friends, but also being faster than yourself one week, month or year ago. Probably the coolest thing on STRAVA are the segments. They are short parts of your track where you can compare your time with everybody else who has been on this track before and uploaded it to STRAVA. Lot’s of segments are climbs up a mountain or sprints on a flat raod. The fastest one is called King of the Mountain (KOM) and Queen of the Mountain (QOM). Who doesn’t want to be faster every time? And who doesn’t want to be faster than his friends? What a great motivation to go out again and train more.


Introducing: STRAVA Challenges

But that’s not the only challenge on STRAVA. Actually there are so called “Challenges”. “How many kilometers can you cycle in a certain month?” Or “How many meters of elevation can climb?” are two classic challenges, which are mostly available every month. It’s always great to see that thousands of people every month join these challenges to motivate themselves.
To show some impressions of the the rides and run it is also possible to upload a few pictures within the activity. “Look how muddy it was today”. This includes a story within the activity. Moments you really want to share. Sports is our passion and we want to share, read and speak about memorable moments.



Therefore we started the GORE APPAREL Club on Strava. We want to gather the GORE BIKE WEAR® fans in this club and build up the community. We are sharing stories about our athletes, stories about us and of course background information about our products. In mid of December we started a raffle and we are sure there will me more prices in the future you can win.
Our RAD RACE friends will manage the Club and they’ll share some cool Gore stories with you. So join us now on Strava: and head #IntoTheElements


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