March 24, 2016

Running in New Jersey

A route with history

NJ run

Last post, I discussed running in Miami Beach. But for now, it’s goodbye to sunny days, mild temperatures and donning running shorts with T-shirts. In New Jersey, farther north along the east coast of the United States, it’s quite cool to very cold. At least in the winter. And even in the spring. Okay, and fall too. (The summer can be hot and humid, but that’s another story.)

Check the temps

About the time the 2016 winter storms smacked the coast, I watched the sun rise over Manhattan from my New Jersey hotel room and checked the temperatures. You could call them “invigorating,” with gusty winds that makes it feel like -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit). I’m not leaping cheerfully out of bed with those temperatures, but with the time difference from my home in Germany, I’m already awake. What a pleasure I get from the phenomenal view over the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey, which indeed gets me excited about my run. Nothing like taking the plunge into the day with a refreshing run!


Warm up with the right gear

The gear required for this is a bit different than my Miami run, of course. With this kind of weather, I rely on my X-RUN ULTRA WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Light Tights 3/4 that have WINDSTOPPER® inserts to protect me in the chill, and on top is a long-sleeved ESSENTIAL BASE LAYER Thermo Shirt.

Over that, I pull an AIR WINDSTOPPER® Jacket. Then I round out my chill-fighting outfit with the MYTHOS 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Gloves and Hat. Girded for battle and ready to go!

Run to learn a history lesson

This is a true “Americana” run. I head out along the Hudson River, first explored by Henry Hudson in 1609, who was the first European known to enter the Upper New York Bay. Today, I have a fantastic view of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan across the river.

One of the reasons I like this run is how cool it is to run along the water with a view of the Statute of Liberty. When the sun rises, lighting up the skyline with hints of color, I forget the cold entirely.

new jersey

I also like to jog the promenade along the Hudson River, heading south toward the huge “Colgate Clock” in Jersey City. If you want to go farther, you can also head out along the Morris Canal Basin, where local efforts are fighting to preserve the area as a recreational greenway.

At the southern end of the Hudson in Liberty State Park is the “Empty Sky Memorial,” New Jersey’s memorial to the state’s victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A moving tribute, it has two parallel walls that allow you to look precisely to where the World Trade Towers had been.


Now you’ve read about two of my favorite runs. Where do you like to run? I look forward to hearing about your stories and routes.

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