Styleguide: MYTHOS vs. SUNLIGHT

Minimalist, unfussy and functional, or versatile, colourful and feminine? In spring 2016 GORE RUNNING WEAR® will get all pulses racing.

April 18, 2016

Mythos vs Sunlight

Monday, 9 a.m. – Lisa, an enthusiastic runner and marketing manager, has just finished her training session. Her heart’s pounding. And she’s breathing fast. A glance at the stop clock reveals her time was perfect. After lots of intensive, strength-building, high-octane sessions last winter, her performance is now where it should be according to the training plan. She’s top fit and can now embark on the competition season. At about the same time, the rays of spring sun wake up student and amateur athlete Ellen – it’s a warm sunny morning at last! After the long winter she digs her sports gear out of her wardrobe. Which items go together in terms of colour? Which patterns are now on-trend? Over the last few months she hasn’t given a thought to running outfits. Now she’s off out to shop for the season’s most appealing looks. Afterwards she’ll be putting her new gear on to conquer the urban parks with her girlfriends.

Every woman has a different priority where running’s concerned. After all, the sport is multifaceted. Whether running on treadmills, taking relaxed jogs through the park, or doing a spot of extra training in gyms or yoga studios, this season GORE RUNNING WEAR® scores top marks with the MYTHOS LADY and SUNLIGHT LADY lines. There’s something for both ambitious athletes and style-conscious fitness enthusiasts.


For the high flyer:
The alarm clock rings. Time for a quick bowl of muesli and then it’s off for a jog. The choice of multi-purpose sports gear is part of the preparation for effective training. It has to suit her needs, be uncomplicated and minimalist. This athlete isn’t bothered about colour combinations or patterns, but specifically chooses the ideal mix of performance and functionality from her wardrobe. The focus lies solely on the goals ahead.
Less is more.

The GORE RUNNING WEAR® MYTHOS LADY line combines simplicity with top-notch functionality and offers ambitious runners top performance where they need it.

The MYTHOS LADY WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell Light Jacket provides excellent protection from the wind and is easy to stow away when folded up compactly. The MYTHOS LADY Singlet is ideal for demanding runners. Because it has fewer seams, the sleeveless shirt and Racerback design allows maximum freedom of movement and excellent moisture management. The MYTHOS LADY 2-in-1 Shorts with integrated tights are a superb choice for athletes who want the very best in function and comfort. A little pocket on the left leg offers extra space to tuck away a healthy snack or energy bar.


For the leisure runner:
Sun bursts into the bedroom and a glance out of the window suggests good weather. So why not enjoy a jog with your best friend on the riverbank before it’s time for yoga? When selecting her outfits, the leisure runner wants a certain colour scheme, trendy patterns and designs. The challenge is to find versatile gear that offers a high level of functionality and matches her lifestyle. She wants to do much more than just run in these outfits.
It’s fun achieving the peak of fitness!

The GORE RUNNING WEAR® SUNLIGHT LADY collection responds to the wishes of fashion-conscious runners with a stylish combination of fashionable and functional apparel.

Whether it’s time for a jog or a spot of yoga – the SUNLIGHT LADY Print Top offers plenty of freedom of movement due to its narrow back. A little pocket included on the inside provides enough space to stow away money and keys. The SUNLIGHT LADY WS SO Shirt long is perfect if the wind picks up during training, or to stop you getting a cold on the way home. The SUNLIGHT LADY Tights 7/8 are made of a stretch fabric, so they ensure optimum freedom of movement and dry quickly as a result. And the comfortable waistband means they are a good fit.

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