Function in its most innovative form

GORE BIKE WEAR® and GORE RUNNING WEAR® set new standards with the ONE GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRYTM products.

December 9, 2016

They are incredibly light, have a permanent beading surface and can simply be shaken dry. They are highly breathable and more comfortable than hardly any comparable product: The ONE GTX® Active Bike & Run jackets and the ONE 1985 GTX® SHAKEDRY™ jacket stand for pure innovation through high-tech sophistication. GORE BIKE WEAR® and GORE RUNNING WEAR® are the rst manufacturers to o er products from this revolutionary material – and starting in 2017, they have the largest selection in the portfolio with 5 di erent products. Starting in spring 2017, the ONE GTX® Active Bike and Active Run jackets will also be available as women‘s editions for the ^rst time.

  • Extremely lightweight and packs small
  • Durably waterproof and highly breathable
  • Revolutionary SHAKEDRY™ product technology
  • For ambitious runners and bikers, now also as a women‘s edition

An absolutely waterproof jacket that easily repels water and that only has to be shaken out to be dry again thanks to the SHAKEDRY™ product technology. It is a technology where no textile surface material generates unnecessary dead weight. It is a material that therefore is more breathable, lighter and packs smaller than all previous GORE-TEX® products: These are the advantages of the new GORE-TEX® Active products with SHAKEDRY™ technology. The futuristic technology of the jackets is underlined by the puristic design and a matte-black look while re ective transfers ensure a high level of visibility on all models.

The core of the SHAKEDRY™ product technology is a special GORE-TEX® 2-layer laminate with a beading surface. Since it manages without textiles, it also cannot be fully soaked with water so that no impregnation is required. At the same time, this increases the breathing activity and the wearing comfort while the weight and packed size are reduced to a minimum.

Designed for passionate runners – Created with a pioneering spirit: The ONE GTX® Active Run jacket and ONE LADY GTX® SHAKEDRYTM Run jacket.

The innovative ONE GTX® Active Run jacket perfectly protects runners against the wind and rain and, thanks to the extremely low weight
(118 grammes in the large size!) and excellent breathability, it also ensures an undreamt of climate comfort and wearing comfort, even during intense runs. Thanks to the SHAKEDRY™ product technology, runners can now train whenever and wherever they want – no more excuses! A tight- fitting hood also ensures the necessary protection, even in the most adverse conditions, and stowed in its own chest pocket it also finds space in the smallest backpacks. Starting in spring 2017,
the ONE GTX® Active Run jacket will also be available as a special women’s edition ONE LADY GTX® SHAKEDRY™ Run jacket.

High-tech sophistication – Tailor-made for cyclists: The ONE GTX® Active Bike jacket and ONE LADY GTX® SHAKEDRY™ Bike jacket.

The innovative ONE GTX® Active Bike jacket combines groundbreaking material innovations with a high-quality fashionable style. It is the ideal companion for ambitious cyclers who would like to stay dry and protected in the wind and rain and be able focus on their performance. After a downpour, it can simply be shaken dry and with its tiny packed size and minimal weight of just 107 grammes (in the large size) it can be stowed away in the jersey pocket.
The matte-black reduced design and the narrow, body-reinforced cut give racing riders a cool casual look. Starting in spring 2017, the ONE GTX® Active Bike jacket will also be available as a special women’s edition ONE LADY GTX® SHAKEDRY™ Bike jacket.

A racing bike legend – interpreted for the future: The ONE 1985 GTX® SHAKEDRYTM jacket.

The new ultra-lightweight ONE 1985 GTX® SHAKEDRYTM jacket is a tribute to the legendary GIRO from 1985 – the first GORE-TEX® bike jacket ever – and interprets this in a futuristic form. It weighs just 116 grammes (in the large size) and with its minimal packed size fits in any jersey pocket. This eliminates the question for every cyclist as to whether they should bring a rain jacket with for their training. The ONE 1985 GTX® SHAKEDRYTM jacket, just like the ONE GTX® Bike jacket, is as lightweight and small packing as a spare inner tube. The core piece here too is the revolutionary, lightest and simultaneously most breathable GORE-TEX® Active laminate with SHAKEDRYTM technology. The cut is designed for ambitious racing cyclists. When needed, the 2-way front zipper provides for additional cooling. The ONE 1985 GTX® SHAKEDRYTM jacket will be available starting at the end of 2016.

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