August 15, 2016

ONE GORE-TEX® Active Jacket: is it love at first sight?

We’re proud to unveil our most innovative product yet, the ONE GORE-TEX® Active Jacket with SHAKEDRY™ product technology. This particular limited edition is available as a special Bike and Run version. At present, you can buy it at and, for a brief period of time, at select retailers. What better moment than now to pay homage to a jacket that will change the face of biking and running and to a revolutionary product we’re incredibly proud of!

We love this jacket because:

It feels like a second skin, wrapping us in a cool black shell and protecting us reliably against the rain like no other product does on our biking and running adventures! Water simply rolls off. On top of that, it’s extremely breathable and so light that one could nearly forget about wearing it. It’s so easy to dry off after a downpour thanks to its GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ product technology, and can also be folded into a tight, little, compact square. It only weighs 107 grams in the Bike, and 118 grams in the Run Version.

Technology and Features

This jacket is so revolutionary because it’s made with the latest GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ product technology yet. The revolutionary membrane construction eliminates the face fabric preventing a chilling effect associated with the face fabric wetting out and allowing you to quickly shake the surface dry. Due to the revolutionary membrane, the jacket is guaranteed to be lastingly water- and windproof – without any water repellent coatings or follow-up treatment. The revolutionary membrane construction makes this s the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX® product on the market. This is a product adapted to the needs of professional cyclists and runners: the ONE GORE-TEX® Active Jacket will help you get ready for your biking and running adventures on roads and trails in no time!

Shake Dry Surface

Water beads on the surface so a few quick shakes of the garment renders the surface dry.

The most breathable GORE-TEX® product

Extremely breathable construction reduces sweat accumulation and speeds vapor transport.

Exceptionally Lightweight and Great Packability

The lightest waterproof, windproof, breathable GORE-TEX® product available. The materials being used and the garment design ensure low pack volume.

Durably water- and windproof

Durable waterproof, windproof, breathable performance backed by the GORE-TEX® products GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.

Revolutionary construction

Uniquely designed, the technology eliminates the face fabric, preventing absorption of water. Runners and Cyclists will not experience the chilling effect that can result from a wetted out face fabric and the garment weight does not increase from rain.

Advanced Matt Black Look

The unique material and the matt black design give the jacket a new and unexpected look.

Our athletes love this jacket because:

Our athletes are all professionals who regularly test our clothing in the hardest of circumstances: ultra-trail runs lasting more than one day, runs across the Alps, bike stage races where they have to weather the elements for hours on end and, of course, outdoor training phases, rain or shine. Our athletes help us with their trail and road experience to make our products as innovative as possible. Their opinion is law. We asked them why they love the ONE GORE-TEX® Active Bike/Run Jacket. This is what they had to say:

“This product can follow you everywhere, you can need it in each situation. I use it all the time!”
Rémi Laffont

“It protects me from the wind and the rain and it breaths very well. And weighs nothing. What more can a trail-runner ask for?”
Sondre Amdahl

“You feel the jacket, when you need it. I just love it!”
Steffen Thum

What the press says:

Sport journalists and experts test innovative products from a range of manufacturers, which gives them an as complete overview as possible. More often than not, they’re also passionate athletes who love really good equipment. We’re especially proud about what they have to say regarding the ONE GORE-TEX® Active Jacket.

“A stunning new benchmark for minimal-bulk, low-sweat, high-protection performance — but short tail can creep up and snug wrists make taking on-bike changes difficult”Ben Delaney,, 08/15/2016

“Quite simply it’s the best jacket we’ve ever tried and an item that makes you want it to rain.”
Paul Freary, Product Editor, Athletics Weekly

“Revolutionary ONE GORE-TEX Active jacket stays waterproof forever.”
James Huang,, 12/2015

“The new GORE ONE range will include two new GORE-TEX Jackets that can meet the needs of both cyclists and runners…
Taking advantage of the new fabric from the source, Gore´s new jackets are lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable than anything they´ve made before.”
Cory Benson,, 12/2015

“…this use of the GORE-TEX membrane was exactly what Bob Gore envisioned it could be when he brought the technology to market in 1978.”
SGB Today, 12/2015

“…GORE has created what might be the world´s lightest fully waterproof, truly breathable, completely pocket – stuffable jacket.”
Dan Cavallari, 12/2015,

“…The latest innovation from the GORE team features a permanent waterproof beading surface that allows you to literally shake the jacket dry. The matte black jacket is the company´s lightest and most breathable waterproof option to date, and it effectively keeps you warm and dry in wettest conditions…”
Evan Rudd, Triathlete Magazine, 04/2016

“A third of the weight, most breathable yet and waterproof for life.”
Bike Radar, Facebook

“If you’re a committed roadie and an early adopter, it’s an exceptional jacket that will keep you dry in the wettest of weather. On that 35-degree, snaining day, I might have opted to simply stay inside. But the One jacket was part of a kit that allowed me to not just survive a ride, but enjoy it. Sure, I could’ve ridden the trainer. But I’d have missed the April snow softly blanketing the hills, the hiss of my tires on wet pavement, and the road disappearing up ahead in the fog. To be outside is a gift. So maybe the jacket isn’t a miracle; to be able to choose to be outside in even the worst weather, and stay comfortable, is.”
Joe Lindsey, Bicycling, 05/2016

What end consumers like yourself have to say about the ONE GORE-TEX® Active Jacket:

We are so convinced about our most innovative product because we’re certain that it will make a big difference to cycling and running pros out there. What do the owners of this revolutionary jacket think about it? Read on to find out…

“I got to wear this jacket while backpacking in Mammoth, CA this past weekend and hiked through some fairly steady rain up a 3 mile climb with my 30 pound backpack. It was about 50 degrees and the jacket performed perfectly. The waterproof aspect is true and it was surprisingly breathable. My old 2 layer jacket would have had me sweating within minutes.”User “J.Ham” from Orange County, USA, about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Run

“Worked fantastic in light- moderate rain on our trip in Holland. I used it as my rain jacket for walking and biking. The rain does bead up on the surface, and you may feel a need to just shake it off when time to remove the jacket.”User “Team Bone” from Indianapolis, USA, about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Run

“I recently got hold of one of these. From the second you open the packaging and feel the quality of the fabric you know its something special. Its unlike any other GORE-TEX® product I own, and playing golf and running a lot, I own many. The performance is staggering, and the hood fits snug and protects you from the elements. You barely know you have it on and its super quiet. No ripple effect you have with other jackets.”User “Akkers” from UK about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Run

“The jacket is simply amazing! Very light/very small and easy to pack in a jersey pocket but above all else it is simply unbelievable when in use. I have used in in rain and even as windbreaker on winter days (temp 40 to 50 degrees with layering underneath) and found it to be very comfortable. This is the best piece of bike clothing I own and have just ordered one for my wife (men’s medium).”User “R.R.” from Idaho, USA, about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Bike

“I’ve been using this jacket for the past 5 months, from windy, foggy morning rides to an extra layer to racing in torrential downpours. Absolutely serves a dual purpose as a feather light wind shell and all powerful rain jacket. Multiple 3 hour plus races in pouring rain, never ever wets through, just amazing. Downside: the cut is unique, and didn’t fit my body great.”User “aran” from San Francisco Bay Area, USA, about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Bike

“I cannot put into words how good this jacket is. It never wets out. It’s as breatheable at the end of a ride, as it was at the start. The fit is superb, yes, it is snug, but that’s what slim fitting garments are like. If you want baggy, go up a size. I am 6’3″ with a 40″ chest, the large jacket is perfect. Only the colour is dangerous without great lights on your bike.”User “MikeyK.” from Cardiff, U.K., about ONE GORE-TEX® Active Bike

That’s how you can buy one yourself

Our most innovative product yet is produced as a limited edition. So you better hurry if you would like to own one yourself. Click on the BUY-Button and you’ll be forwarded to our online shop.

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