October 22, 2015

My top 10 running songs

Songs for the good days and the bad days

Do you want to run faster and longer? Would you like to be happier and feel less muscle pain while you do it? Try music.

Def Jam

The benefits are well-documented, and it’s never been easier to take your music with you with GORE RUNNING WEAR® . All you need is an AIR WINDSTOPPER® Jacket for the chilly days ahead and the perfect playlist.

Below you’ll find ten of the best running songs out there. The first five are for the days when you’re looking forward to your run––you just need some tunes to accompany your good mood. The next five are for the days when you’re dreading your run––when you need some inspiration and motivation to get moving.

Songs for the Good Days

It's a good day.

Ray Charles by Chiddy Bang

This is feel-good hip hop at its best––funny, underdog lyrics spit over a beat that’ll keep you smiling. And these guys are so underrated you’ll be wondering why you haven’t already been sweatin’ to their tracks.

 B.O.B. by Outkast

Outkast should’ve called this song “Sprint.” It’s peak energy from start to finish––no build up and no let up. And the whole frenetic, fun vibe is contagious.

 The Distance by Cake

A classic rock sound plus 90s West Coast-rap beats and a…trumpet? Yes, please. Also the lyrics are about running a race––in case you need your motivation to be literal.

 Berzerk by Eminem

Mr. Mathers raps like every track’s his last. But he really destroys it on this song. And he does it all over a Rick Rubin beat that samples old 80s favorites like the Beastie Boys, “Fight For Your Right.” There’s a nasty guitar riff throughout too. So pace yourself. Getting too hyped is a possibility.

 Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas

Don’t get judgey. Yeah, it’s the Black Eyed Peas. But when the DJ put it on at the last wedding you attended, did you leave the dance floor? No, you did not. You danced harder. And you’ll run harder too. Lace up your running shoes, leave your pretensions behind and have fun with it.

Songs for the Bad Days

 Live Like a Warrior by Matisyahu

With a chill tempo and inspirational lyrics this track is perfect for warming up––especially if you’ve had a rough day. The positive vibes are classic Matisyahu and reflect his reggae roots but the overall sound isn’t easily categorized. It’s a unique blend of uplifting rap/pop/rock.

 Stronger by Kanye

You get a big dose of Kanyes cocky swagger on this track. And thats not necessarily a bad thing. If you can absorb a drop of his over-the-top confidence youll have a better run. If that doesnt appeal to you, the beat definitely will.

 Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme) by Bill Conti

Heres what youll think about while you listen to this song: Rocky running the gritty streets of Philly in his grey sweats (you’ll be better equipped in GORE RUNNING WEAR®), training his heart out. I wont even mention the museum steps. This song’s iconic. It’s inspiring. Your legs need to hear it.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

You will have two thoughts about this song: 1) This is corny, 2) I am so hyped right now. Those two thoughts shouldn’t be able to exist simultaneously. But they do. Eye of the Tiger has special powers to make your run better.

 Till I Collapse by Eminem

Little known fact about Eminem: he’s into running. In fact, he got too into running––he had to dial it back when he was pounding the pavement 17 miles a day. And that’s exactly why he’s on this list twice. He knows what it means to push hard––and it comes out in his music.

Do you have any songs to add to this list? Let me know your favorite, most inspiring running song in the comments section below. Happy running!


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