September 29, 2017

LANDEVEI SAMLING 2017 A Social Road Cycling Event in Norway.

The small village of Fagernes is home to Norway’s stunning Landevei Samling cycling event - a social ride through some amazing scenery

LANDEVEI SAMLING 2017 – A Social Road Cycling Event in Norway.

It’s August 2017, and we’re about to begin the LANDEVEI SAMLING cycling event. Organised by the Norwegian cycling magazine Landevei, the event brings together close to 100 passionate Norwegian road cyclists to follow an amazing road and gravel route through the stunning scenery near the village of Fagernes, in a wonderful area in Norway.

The Idea Behind the LANDEVEI SAMLING

The event was conceived to bring dedicated road cyclists together. Together they discover – on guided tours – the wonderful region around Fagernes and they just have a good time together. Besides the LANDEVEI team several industry partners like CANYON, FARA, BIO RACER, SRAM and GORE BIKE WEAR® joined the event. So test products were secured and there was a lot of time to talk about innovations.

Wonderful nature with changing Norwegian weather.

There were no KINDERGARTEN tours at all on this trip. Norwegians are really not messing around when it comes to sports. Even not at a “social” road cycling event. All tours were between 100 and 210 km and spiced with lots of climbing. The minimum was about 2.000 meters per day, but you could also easily find tours with up to 4.000 meters. And all tours were a mix of gravel, tarmac and again gravel. Gravel cannot stop Norwegians and their road bikes.
So the days were filled with ups and downs, rough climbs, quick descents and long windy roads on wonderful mountain plateaus. The weather offered everything you can imagine in Norway. From below 10 degrees to sunny 21 degrees mixed with wind and rain. So a perfect environment to test GORE-TEX® Shakedry™ and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products.

Testing the GORE-TEX® Shakedry™ Jacket

Several cyclists said: “Wow. This jacket will live now in my back pockets on every ride. It´s so light and packable that I can take it always with me but on the top of the windy mountain it protects me perfectly.”

Fun and Food: on and off the bike

And one last thing we cannot forget. A little item called the “powerkanelbulle”. These little baked items saved a lot of rider’s days. Provided by a local bakery they gave the riders that extra something needed to get through the biggest days on the bike. While in Italy, you’d expect a rest stop for an espresso, or a quick trip to the gelateria. But in Norway it is about a warm soup, Powerkanelbulle and a coke. And at the end of each tour a barbecue was waiting.


The fun part was also the evening. A daily quiz about cycling was mandatory (and caused several discussions) was mixed with an auction (e.g. signed jerseys from Fabian Cancellara), a band on Saturday evening, and several beers.
I just can recommend anybody to discover once in his or her life Norway by bike. It´s simply amazing. And if you want to join the LANDEVEI SAMLING 2018 event… Better start to train tomorrow. As said NO KINDERGARTEN but a fantastic event.

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