Premium Cycling and Running Socks featuring GORE® Performance Fibers

Imagine…Performing to your maximum and still having dry, comfortable feet!

It’s no wonder your feet are wet after your long-distance run or biking — your feet can produce at least 0.12 L (0.5 cup) of sweat during that time!
Don’t let those wet irritated soggy feet effect your maximum performance. As an avid runner or cyclist who focuses on endurance and high intensity, you can now achieve your maximum goal experiencing improved thermal comfort and dryer feet.

Available in a variety of styles, GORE® Performance Fibers socks combine the comfort of Merino wool with the advantages of synthetic fibers. The blended construction of these socks ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable by drawing moisture away from your feet and enabling it to quickly dry. And, the design of GORE® Performance Fibers socks ensures proper fit with heel, toe, and arch support, flat seams, and no pressure points.

With these revolutionary high performance socks, your feet stay dry so you can overcome the challenges you encounter in high activity, not the challenges with wet socks.

How it works

GORE® Performance Fibers
The microporous networks in GORE® Performance Fibers work by:
1. DRAWING & TRAPPING excess sweat into the fiber structure.
2. WICKING & EVAPORATING this sweat from the sock.
3. KEEPING your skin drier, longer.

Keep your feet Dryer Longer

Focus on your activity, maximize your performance and comfort with GORE® Bike/Run Fiber Socks!

  • Effective sweat management for foot dryness and comfort
  • Fast Drying
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Odor Resistance

High performance construction and anatomical design delivering:

Enhanced fit, compression support – stay in place no bunching, supportive arch, reduced pressure points, flat seams, and protective cushioning for impact heel and toe.

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