July 27, 2017


Join our athletes to create the world’s first cycling soundscape

Enter now for chance to win ONE GORE-TEX® Active Bike Jacket

The process for improvement and innovation starts with asking the right questions. Questions that break boundaries. We love that our fans and athletes constantly push their performance and try new things. It helps us to test apparel to the limits so we can constantly improve and evolve for the future.

To celebrate and show our commitment to innovation and the quest to continually improve, we’re going to ask a series of questions that will push our products to the limits and we want to get you involved.

We’ve decided to kick off a first experiment at Eurobike this year. We asked ourselves: “WHAT IF WE TEST A SHAKEDRY™ JACKET ON A SUBWOOFER?”

We’re going to build an experiment live on the ground at the show, featuring a static bike on a trainer, which will power a speaker. The speaker will cause our SHAKEDRY™ material to vibrate, testing the “shake to dry” claim of our fabric.

We could have used any old music, but seeing as we’re feeling inquisitive, we asked ourselves, “WHAT IF WE CREATED THE WORLD’S FIRST CYCLING SOUNDSCAPE”?

This is where we want you to get involved – we’re asking you to capture the different sounds of your bike when you’re out riding to create our first ever cycling soundtrack!

For the chance to win your own SHAKEDRY™ Jacket, share a cycling video or audio clip to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #AlwaysEvolve.

  • The types of sounds we are looking for are:
  • the spinning of your wheels
  • the squeak of a bike skidding
  • the pedals turning
  • shifting gear
  • a tyre being pumped
  • a bike passing quickly over gravel
  • a bike passing through a puddle
  • a bike going over rough terrain
  • a bike shoes clip in or out

To be a part of the first ever bike soundtrack created by GORE®, we need your sounds by the 4th August 2017.

To find more information about the competition and how to enter, read our competition T&Cs.

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