November 21, 2016

Florian Neuschwander: the runner with the moustache finally lands on youtube

Ultra-runner and GORE RUNNING WEAR® athlete Florian Neuschwander has become somewhat of a cult figure thanks to his trademark moustache and hairdo which seems to have been plucked right out of the 70s. He’s not afraid of taking on running challenges be it tearing down a mountain path on the mountains or bouncing off asphalt in big cities. He may very well be an unpredictable runner, but one thing is sure when thinking about happy-go-lucky Flo: his huge following on Facebook and Instagram is always kept up to date and sticks to his motto: Run with the Flow!

Via webisode at Flo’s coffee-table

Obviously, we want to know more about this guy. How does Florian Neuschwander start his day, what does his kitchen table look like? And what kind of sport did he even do before he got stuck in global races such as the Wings for Life World Run?
Lucky for you, you can discover that and much more in Flo’s brand new web series: one episode was uploaded yesterday, and a new one comes out today on YouTube. And you’ll also see him filming what he loves doing most: running like there’s no tomorrow!
What are you waiting for? Visit Flo’s new channel and subscribe right now!

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