March 10, 2016

My first time wearing a WINDSTOPPER® jacket

I'm hooked!

In the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, where I live, the weather’s been unpredictable and unseasonably warm. Temperatures in December managed to rise into the 70s on some days. Normally on a run, I just put on some running tights and a jersey and I’m good to go – no need for layers. So when the weather changed and temperatures dipped into the low 30s, my running routine suffered. Years ago, I would run in lung-busting 15 degree temps in the middle of a New England winter, but since moving farther south, I haven’t experienced cold like that and haven’t needed to layer up to face the elements.

Rather than stop my running routine altogether, which I was inclined to do once the cold weather came, I decided to try out a new jacket: the SUNLIGHT WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell LADY Jacket.

I don’t want to spoil the ending of this post, but this jacket is a real winner. The chill of the wind and the colder temperatures that were jarring without the jacket didn’t even affect me as I headed out to my favorite local spot: a park with a big hill I can power through. As I ran I noticed three things about the jacket.


Despite the cold, at the top of the hill, I was still warm. The temperature inside my jacket was perfect. I felt warm, but not hot. The jacket has a breathability that makes it ideal for physical activity in colder weather. The temperature is balanced, so I ran without thinking about removing layers.

One of my favorite features is the thumbhole. Now my hands can stay warm without feeling constricted by gloves.



This jacket, even though it offers such protection from the cold and wind, is a perfect fit. It’s not bulky or big. As I run, I can move freely with a nice range of motion. I don’t feel constrained, but instead, the jacket wears like a second skin, adapting to my body movements and protecting me from the elements.



Who knew a jacket with so much functionality could also look so good? I love this jacket with its bright pink color and stylish details. I even wear it when I’m running errands around town and feel comfortable as well as put together.

Now that I have this jacket, I’m prepared for any type of weather, including the predicted two feet of snow coming my way, or the arrival of a windy Spring. So bring it on, Weather. I’m ready for you.

The snow did come and I conquered it with the help of WINDSTOPPER® technology

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