Fall / Winter 2016 / 2017 Collection

You should be able to get out everyday to follow your passion, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever the weather. That’s why Gore create highly functional apparel to keep your body and mind fully focused even on the days others would stay inside. Embrace the wind, the rain, the sun, the mountains, the forest, the city, and get inspired to go out #IntoTheElements.

GORE RUNNING WEAR® Highlights Fall/Winter 2016/2017

My favourite piece. SUNLIGHT LADY.

It just feels right – through carefully selected materials, smart details and an individual design.
Developed for women by women, this line combines functional sports clothing with an assertive design. SUNLIGHT LADY stands for soft materials, extreme comfort, freedom of movement, feminine cuts, and selected functional textiles. Innovative GORE® WINDSTOPPER® material helps regulate body temperature, keep skin dry, and protect against wind and cold. SUNLIGHT LADY products are also ideal for fitness training and yoga thanks to fresh colors and unconventional design.

wi/16/17 wi/all STLSUN STLSUN1346 STLSUN3200 STLSUN6500
wi/16/17 wi/all


Reduced to the max. FUSION.

Enduring the distance on road or trail.
With its FUSION line, GORE RUNNING WEAR® integrates expertise from marathons and ultra trail running. Minimal weight and extremely compact with maximum function – the shorts, shirts and jackets are designed for high-performance, long-distance runners. With GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technologies and lightweight, ultra-functional materials, the FUSION line is ideal for training as well as competition in any weather

wi/16/17 wi/all SWAFUS SWAFUS3599 SWAFUS6099 SWAFUS9991

wi/16/17 wi/all TSTULT TSTULT2016 TSTULT6065 TSTULT9900 TSTULT9935


Clean and comfortable. ESSENTIAL.

Premium products – engineered for runners, suitable for various sports.
Essential running apparel for the fitness and recreational weekend runner also running together with friends. ESSENTIAL offers a broad selection of running pieces. Designed and engineered with high-tech fabrics for diverse weather conditions. Key features: high quality garments, timeless design, good weight ratio, multi-functional essential pieces for running and loose comfortable fit.

GA-Fotos-New Arrival2


Proven and loved by runners worldwide.
Join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary. We took our best selling products of the last twenty years and gave them a unique and contemporary look.
20 years of enabling runners to head out into the elements, no matter the weather.
20 years of combining the best of functionality and sport specific design.
20 years of experience in creating the finest performance apparel for dedicated runners.
20 years based on innovative technologies and carefully selected materials.
20 years of enjoying running!

A group of friends running in Hamburg, Germany
A group of friends running in Hamburg, Germany


GORE BIKE WEAR® Highlights Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Ready for anything. POWER TRAIL LADY.

Engineered for women who love to ride.
The POWER TRAIL LADY line is designed especially for women. GORE BIKE WEAR® blends the high-quality standards and uncompromised performance wearers expect with trend-conscious style. Carefully selected, functional materials that feel good on the skin, optimal moisture management, and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technology combine for ultimate comfort. Inspired by the outdoors lifestyle, this mountain biking gear is both fashionable and functional with a cut that sits perfectly even on the trail.



Our best yet. The Gore One Series

Latest technologies in pioneering products to experience our best yet!
Gore One combines our ground-breaking pioneering spirit with the most innovative technology. A constant exchange between developers and athletes has created extraordinary products that more than meet the specific requirements of cyclists and runners. Gore One symbolizes our commitment to enable you to follow your passion and head out into the elements. To learn more in depth about our Gore One.

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