Yoann Stuck

In 2010 Yoann Stuck smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day and went out every night, thinking more about beer than trail running. Once, he even forgot where he parked his car. Running was totally foreign to him – he didn’t even know the distance of a marathon.


Place of Residence: Lyon, France
Date of Birth: 18.January 1983
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Clothing Size: Medium/Large
Sponsors: GORE RUNNING WEAR®, SCARPA, Ultimate Direction, Shred Optics, HAD Originals
Discipline: Trail Running & Ultra Running


2016: 1st Place at Wings for Life World Run at Stavanger, Norway
2016: 1st Place at 6D Bob, 6D Vertical & 6D Lacs at La Plagne, France
2016: 2nd Place at the TransrockiesRun at Colorado, USA
2015-2016: 2nd Place at Ecotrail Paris, Paris, France

^^^Outdoor man^^^

A move to the city of Lyon spurred a change in lifestyle. As he settled in the city, he started running more and more, and began longing for bigger adventures. He ended up dreaming of escaping the city for a more natural setting. The area outside of Lyon allowed him to experience the outdoors: Monts d’Or, Monts du Lyonnais, Beaujolais. As expected, though, it wasn’t long before he ended up in the Alps.

I feel free when i run

Every now and then Yoann trades in his extreme runs for a more normal experience: taking on the roads, tracks and footpaths around his house like most other casual runners. It doesn’t take long before he always finds himself heading back to the wilderness and long distances. The big open spaces makes Yoann feel small, helping to transform the run into more of a meditation: one that allows him to find himself. Even though Yoann does not easily identify as a typical ‘mountain guy’, he finds trail running to be extraordinary and, beyond the running, creates unforgettable moments.

All pictures by ©Cedric Chaudet

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