Michael Arend

As athlete he completed many ultra-runs successfully, as coach he assists beginners and professionals to great success. As member of the GORE RUNNING WEAR® athlete team, Michael wants to meet new challenges again in 2017. The most important thing to him in this connection, is to balance sport and work and to improve his performance.


Place of Residence: Füssen im Allgäu, Germany
Date of Birth: 16.11.1982
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Clothing Size: Large
Discipline: Ultrarunner and Coach


2016: Start at the extremely difficult Ultra Pirineu in Spain
2015: 1st place Zugspitz Ultratrail

Runs fast, makes others fast

This attitude describes the way he trains himself and his clients. If you don’t challenge yourself, “you can’t really seize the challenge of a particular long run with all of its trials and tribulations.” As professional coach Michael prepares his clients for optional ultraruns or semi-marathons. The former soldier faces himself the challenge of three big runs in 2017. After his first participation in the Transvulcania last year, a finish time under 8 hours is the goal in 2017. Last year he experienced his first run of fifteen hours in the extremely difficult Ultra Pirineu in Spain. This run pushed the athlete to his limits and he is now motivated to finish the Eiger Ultra Trail. Additionally, Michael wants to achieve a good positioning in the Transalpine Run in September.

You have to choose your own challenge
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