Lisa Mehl

The 27-year-old athlete is making quite a splash in the trail running arena and is on the best way to establish herself at the very top. After her victory in the last years Transalpine Run and participations in ultra runs in Finland and Morocco, this year, one of the most challenging runs is scheduled: The legendary Trail du Montblanc (UTMB®).


Place of Residence: Esslingen, Germany
Date of Birth: 3rd August 1989
Height: 175 cm
Clothing Size: Small
Discipline: Running, Trail Running & Ultra Running


2016: Nuts Pallas, 1st Place Transalpine Run

Ultrayoung and ultrafast

Lisa’s recipe for running success is quite simple: Listen to your body, and make the best of every situation. Exploring countries and different places in the world with runs all over the globe, are additional motivation for the athlete: “I try to include such aims in my racing plan. I always try to find something new, something special for myself.” Not only the run-locations also the clothes are an important factor for the former textile technology student. Function, technology, feeling and look are substantial for the GORE RUNNING WEAR team member to feel good. Besides the Ultra Trail du Montblanc, Lisa also wants to finish the Transvulcania in La Palma and the Eiger Ultra successfully in 2017.

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