Holimites Team

In nature we feel so well because it has no judgment on us.

Who are you, when you are not doing your sport?

The Holimites team loves and lives the sport as a daily exercise. The sport and the relaxation should go hand in hand. Because only in a calm state the sport is really fun. Providing activity frees the mind and gives peace and thanks to this serenity the full circle ‘ Sport – relaxation ‘ is closed.

  • Your homeDolomites
  • Biggest successA satisfied guest after one of our trail running tours
  • MusicWe prefer to listen to our own breathing and the rhythmic heartbeat during exercise
  • HobbiesQuite simply …sport

Favorite Product and why?

In a survey of the Holimites guides it has been found that our favorite product is the X – Running 2.0 Short. The material is very pleasant to the skin (there is virtually no friction by sutures etc.) and for our weather it is the perfect compromise between warm muscles and good ventilation. In addition, the rear pants pocket is very convenient.
Another favorite is the X – RUN ULTRA Shirt long: this is very light and airy but still warm enough for the weather in the mountains.

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