Agnes Fischer

In yoga, the pose begins when you want to leave it.

Who are you, when you are not doing your sport?

I’m a full time model; therefore, I have to travel quite a lot for work. I love traveling, meeting new people, seeing different countries and their cultures. If possible, I try to extend my stay a few days. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, but I also travel a lot in my free time. This year we went for a camping trip through Norway and Sweden. Hiking the Trolltunga was on my bucket list.

  • Your homeEverywhere and nowhere. I call a few places my home, First, Regensburg in Bavaria–that’s where I’m from originally. And second, Zurick–that’s where I live at the moment. And third, Cape Town–that’s where I stay three to four months every year.
  • Biggest successBeing able to travel for work. To a lot of people, modeling is not a “real” job, but I think everything you do for a living is a job. And I love mine!
  • Role ModelAmanda Bisk
  • MusicEverything! I like Rock, House, Bavarian folk–anything that makes me happy.
  • HobbiesYoga, Bikram Yoga, Running, Cycling, Stand Up Paddling, Cooking

Favorite Product and why?

The SUNLIGHT Lady ⅞ Tight. The fabric as well as the fit is amazing. I use it for my yoga practice or when I go for a run. The fabric feels great, even when I sweat a lot (like in Bikram Yoga).

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