Our Approach

When creating functional apparel systems for dedicated runners and cyclists we ask ourselves one question: does this product make life easier for the athlete? If there is no clear answer we go back to the drawing board. With this experience we design unique, sport specific solutions and are always ahead of the curve. But it’s also our belief that to truly develop great products it’s not enough to rely solely on science, we must also understand the people who use them.


What we drive for

We think that extensive testing, both on the field and in our own prototype lab, is the only way to create apparel that live up to the GORE BIKE WEAR® and GORE RUNNING WEAR® brand. It’s hard work but innovation never comes easy. When we realize our ideas to their fullest potential we enable runners and cyclists to push themselves to the next level. To reach new heights and celebrate successes. To us, there is nothing better.


Our heritage at GORE RUNNING WEAR® and GORE BIKE WEAR® is innovation.

Being first is our vision – not only for our products but also the way we operate, now and in the future.

We drive for setting the standard.

We have in-depth knowledge about the physiology of the cyclist and runners. Therefore, we only engineer apparel systems where form follows function, where every cut, seam and hem are placed exactly where they are needed. Also thanks to our integrated WINDSTOPPER® and GORE-TEX® technologies, we’ve redefined functional design. All our products are scientifically proven to provide cyclists and runners with the maximum comfort and protection.


This is why we’re all working very close together with our professional athletes:

To solve runners’ and cyclists’ problems we need to be close to them, all of them. Our products are the result of this close dialog which allows us to deliver the products that make the difference.


All of this results in our products being a sound choice for runners and cyclists.

With them they can experience nature and their activity with confidence, comfortable protected. We enable them to go out and do what they love.
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