October 21, 2016

85,000 bike kilometers on the tach

GORE associates circle the globe twice in a bike-to-work promotion

It is a scene you can observe all over the world even before the day begins at a company like GORE. Workers like us, sitting by the thousands, all alone in their cars on the way to work — stymied by red lights or the huge daily morning traffic jam. Instead of fresh air, all around us are clouds of exhaust fumes. Getting to work is a necessary evil, and often in the process we burn all kinds of energy, jangle our nerves, and eat into our balance of carbon offsets.

Refresher for a healthy lifestyle

Even those who work for one of the most innovative manufacturers of premium sport apparel need a little refresher now and then when it comes to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. That was the promotional campaign at GORE Germany with half August and half September being “Bike-to-Work Months.” It brought home to us that a workday can also start off with a little extra activity, oxygen and a whole lot of points for good karma. The promotion ran for one entire month and, during that time, 160 GORE Germany associates ticked off a grand total of 85,983 kilometers (33,543 miles). Nearly two times around the world was pedaled with pure muscle power — and rewarded with 10 cents per cycled kilometer for a charitable cause. That added up to some 8,500 EURO that was donated to happy social agencies near Gore Germany’s locations in Putzbrunn, Pleinfeld, Burgkirchen and Feldkirchen. And perhaps, too, many of us developed a new routine of getting to work on two wheels instead of four.

With the right bike apparel, it goes without saying.

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